Word Farmer: Jenny's Adventure

Word Farmer: Jenny's Adventure

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Tired of all the stress and demands that comes with a job in the city? Come out to the farm instead and help Jenny get on track with her life’s adventure!

Help repair her new farm, decorate it however you like and get companions and animals to make your dream farm come true.

To gain energy and money for reparations you get to play a new fresh take on word puzzles with the help of your trusty old tools! With the energy you can grow crops and gather ingredients to sell for a profit. Unlock more land as you progress through the story. What is hidden beneath all those overgrown pastures? Come and find out!

In Jenny’s adventure you will experience:

- A proven word genre, complete puzzles to get further into the story.
- A new type of word puzzles, combined scrabble word search with match-3 mechanics!
- Reaping, sowing and gathering your products to sell to the townsfolk.
- How to design your own farm, animals, decorations, reparations and much more.
- Jenny’s story, from getting sick of the city to finding her place and friends on the farm.
- Cute companions, you can’t have a farm without a dog’s “WOOF”!
- Seasonal events and updates! More puzzles, story events and thematic decorations.

After purchasing an old foreclosed farm on an auction Jenny realized there was a lot more work needed to be done to make it liveable... She needs a lot of energy and help from neighbors, friends and - that’s right: YOU!

There are a bunch of decorations to put on your farm, and as you put more energy into the farm the decorations and production will grow in numbers! Watch Jenny make friends, take care of her animals and grow crops - both to live off and sell to afford upgrading your farm more and more.

Learn more about the game on our website: https://www.babloonstudios.com

Questions or feedback? Contact us at info@babloonstudios.com

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