Tips for Toca Boca Life World

Tips for Toca Boca Life World

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If you love cute life simulation games you’ll love playing Toca Life: World as it incorporates a wide variety of popular Toca Life titles in a single game. If you’re looking for helpful tips and hints to get the most out of playing Toca Life: World continue reading to discover a handy guide full of invaluable tips. Better yet you’ll also learn about a few cheats that will help you uncover different secrets in different sections of the game’s expansive map.
Toca Life World is an educational game with role-playing elements from Toca Boca games, designed for children. It stimulates the imagination and allows you to create your own Toca Boca world.

The developers have combined the previous Toca Life apps into a single whole Toca Life: World. Now Bop City, Hospital, Office, Vacation constitute a single world, the possibilities of which are limited only by the imagination of the player. All the events that can happen in the Bop City and Miga Town are determined only by the desire of the player. The most fantastic ideas become reality in a world in which the rules are not set by adults. Have the characters and locations you created and have become favorites in previous Toϲa Life's apps? They can be transferred to this new Toca world life.

The creators of the Toca Life: City game made an attempt to look at the surrounding reality with children's eyes. They believe that the app allows you to learn about the real world by creating your own Toca World.

Tоca world life is an educational app for children. It is a huge universe that consists of several games, viz: Bop City, Office, Hair Salon 2, Hospital and many others.

The actions in the game are non-linear, so the player is endowed with an unlimited number of actions. In addition, he can also perform story missions. "Toca Life: World" gives players the opportunity not only to create a variety of worlds, but also to bring even the most extraordinary scenarios into reality.

Before starting to play, the user is given a choice of 39 characters, each with their own abilities. In addition, players are given eight different locations. You can play in a cafe, in a mall, in a house or apartment, and even in a hair salon. If this is not enough, then for the internal currency can buy an additional 50 locations. There is also a choice of additional characters, of which there are about 300.

This game is great for preschool age children, as due to the huge variety of locations, actions and characters, the child can learn about the world around them in the form of a game.

Note: This is not an official Toca life world! You can download a guide for Toca Boca games to ease your way into the game, but you can only play using the official app, which we are not legally affiliated with!

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