Squid Game: Red Light Green Light Challenge

Squid Game: Red Light Green Light Challenge

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Squid Game is Korean game. A mixed games for children and young adults to play and enjoy the squid games. Red light Green light game is one of the those squid games.

Squid game is also know as squid fish.

Squid game have very simple but if player do a small mistake game will finish the red light green light of squid game with a single shot! Kills the wrongdoer players which are moving or running in the red light green light squid challenge.
Some players can help each other, This is game of being brave, agile, smart, patient, creative and keep player number 456, alive and successful!

Rules of squid games are so simple:

1. You must stop at the red light (Most important squid rule!)
2. You can move at the green light
3, Players must reach the red line in 60 second while they play in rule 1 and 2, Or they will eliminated from the squid games. (Killed by machine gun!)

Time to follow in rules in time If you move on a red light, you will lose.

Player must end the red light green light round in 60 sec, and there is some power ups to help you win the squid games.

There is also a invisible path in some red light green light of squid game. You will be lucky to find it!

Hundreds of cash-strapped people accept a mysterious and strange squid game invitation to compete in children's games (red light green light: squid game) . There is a huge reward for squid game players, temptation of a 45.6 billion wʌn won prize awaits with deadly high stakes. It's a survival part of squid game that part one of the game is red light and green light, it has a whopping 45.6 billion-won prize at stake.

Your prize is increasing every level of squid challenge.
Follow the rules in red light green light challenge of squid game.

Stop on red light!

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Added new characters
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