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AdaptiveBits . 03/10/2021
Ever wanted to send a WhatsApp message to a phone number that's not in your contacts?

Some unknown number called you and you want to reply to him on WhatsApp?
This one is for you!

Just type his phone number and you will have a WhatsApp conversation with him.

You can also copy a number from anywhere, call logs, email, SMS etc. and it will show you a dialog with an option to send a WhatsApp message.

You can even message yourselves, some find it useful to save link or images for later use.

* This app is not related or sponsored by WhatsApp inc.

** Design by Michal Simkovits **

What's new

📱 Android 12 support
We've added support for the upcoming Android version.

🐞 Bug fixes and performance improvements
We've squashed some bugs, the app feels much better now!
We've written some new ones, we need something to work on for the next versions. 🤪



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