Print Text Messages (Backup, Restore & Print)

Print Text Messages (Backup, Restore & Print)

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Backup, Restore & Print Text Messages (formerly named Print Text Messages) allows you quickly and easily manage the text messages on your device.

Backup Text Messages - takes a copy of all the messages on your device and converts them to an XML backup file. You can then email or store this file in the cloud for safe keeping.

Restore Text Messages - copies the messages from a backup file and inserts them back on to your phone. You can also transfer text messages on to a new phone.

Print Text Messages - select a single conversation from your messages and print the messages to a PDF file for emailing or printing. You can also print the SMS messages directly from your phone to a cloud printer.

Print Date Range - print text messages from a single conversation using a date range, allowing you to print only the messages you require.

When the messages are printed date stamps and senders numbers are included so the PDF print of the messages can be used in given to lawyers in legal and law enforcement cases.

Backup and restore functionality is free, the text message printing option requires a one-time in-app upgrade.

Currently this app does not support RCS/Advanced Messaging.

What's new

Batch Printing to save on memory crashes.
Alternative mode to stop some Samsung devices crashing.
Settings page for configuring print options.
Option to ignore MMS photos.
Configurable font size & colours.



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