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The first companion of digital life
In my mobile system, the first comprehensive mobile services are available online for all subscribers and users can view and manage the services they want:
• View the profile and manage all user SIM cards in both simple and advanced modes
• View details and immediate payment of the invoice and the possibility of debt installment and payment of installments and view the payment history of the invoice
• The possibility of increasing the credit of permanent subscribers in order to prevent intermediate termination, especially when using international roaming
• View SIM card credit balance by type of recharge and purchase normal, extraordinary, youth and women, and view the purchase history of previous recharges
• Ability to use the emergency umbrella service (emergency call and recharge) for credit subscribers
• View and manage all active packages of subscribers by package type and service
• Purchase and activation of all packages provided by the first mobile in the groups of Internet, call, SMS and hybrid packages and turquoise circuit
• Activate and benefit from incentive schemes such as birthday gifts, accelerated payment gifts and periodic and occasional gifts
• Membership in Turquoise Club (Customer Club) and benefit from attractive and exciting incentive schemes
• Get summary function of lines
• Transfer credit from permanent and credit lines to credit lines
• Buy modems and SIM cards
• Convert credit card to permanent
• Ability to disconnect and connect the line and expropriate the SIM card
• Disconnect and reconnect free internet usage
• Remove credit lines from the blacklist of the charge PIN entry
• Activate and deactivate roaming, call, voicemail, call restrictions, and promotional and notification SMS services.
• View active user waiting sounds and the possibility of searching for waiting sounds and activating and deactivating sounds
• View the active content services of the user and the possibility of searching the content services provided and activating and deactivating the services
• View service offices around the user and the status of Internet coverage on the map and the possibility of testing Internet speed
• Ability to contact support (call, SMS and email) or request users to contact support
• Participate in polls and provide suggestions and criticisms
• Manage active user sessions
• Biometric login to the system

New version changes with me
In the new version of My Mobile, many of the problems of the previous versions have been fixed and a more efficient and useful user interface has been provided for the first mobile users:

Attractive design changes and simplification of processes and services
In the new version of my mobile system, the user interface of the system has been redesigned in such a way that users can benefit from the services they want in a user-friendly and attractive environment and in simpler processes.

Ability to switch between simple and advanced modes
In the simple mode of my new mobile system, the user can easily view and manage the main services he needs on one page. Also, in advanced mode, users can view, manage and use all system services.

Added e-wallet and in-app bank payment gateway
Due to the long and time-consuming payment of bills, purchase of recharges and packages from bank portals, this possibility has been provided in my new mobile system so that the user can make his payments using an electronic wallet with just one click. Benefit from the desired services.
It is also possible to make bank payments through the in-app bank payment gateway with a better user experience and faster speed than the online banking payment gateway.

The most comprehensive system for purchasing and activating the first charge and mobile packages
In order to provide the best experience in purchasing and activating the first mobile packages, all the packages offered in all channels have been integrated and presented in my new mobile system, and it is possible to buy recharges with 5% more credit and also buy extraordinary recharges for young people and women. Is.

Offer periodic and occasional prizes
In my new mobile system, it is possible to activate periodic prizes (such as Dushanbe Soori internet package) and special prizes (such as Eidaneh package) for users, so that users are informed of these prizes and benefit from them by visiting the system regularly. To be.

What's new

• ارائه مجدد بسته رایگان اینترنت هدیه 10 گیگابایت سه روزه برای کاربرانی که قبل دریافت نکرده‌اند (هدیه همراهی)
• طراحی مجدد صفحه پرداخت
• طراحی مجدد صفحه خدمات
• طراحی مجدد سرویس انتقال اعتبار
• بهینه‌سازی بخش مدیریت نشست‌ها
• راه‌اندازی مجدد سرویس‌ سلب مالکیت سیم‌کارت
• راه‌اندازی مجدد سرویس قطع و وصل سیم‌کارت
• راه‌اندازی مجدد امکان خرید بسته‌های مدار فیروزه‌ای
• اصلاح بخش صورت‌حساب
• اصلاح سرویس برداشت از کیف پول
• رفع باگ و بهبود عملکرد سامانه



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