Magic Catch Pocket Horse : Pocket footprint Pony

Magic Catch Pocket Horse : Pocket footprint Pony

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The Magical Pocket inc . 0.2 01/01/2021
Educational game for children in augmented reality, with teaching information about the wild animals of our planet. Animals colonie Pocket Ants,Horse,Pony ,Dinosaur jurassic ,unicorn Beast encyclopedia

In the collect simulator about pocket Pony Flutter beasts you can feel like a real hunter for wild animals. Track animals with the built-in radar and follow the trail. Find all the hidden Pony beasts in your city!

You have to search and free catch disguised wild and exotic moved animals in the real world using radar and a smartphone camera. Move along city streets, parks and squares, even inside buildings and use the radar to find hidden animals. You can meet such a predator wolf right at home! Or catch a real crocodile near the entrance! As soon as you hunt down the beast Dinosaur and Pony Magical Pocket Ants Simulator colonie, rather use the bait, so it will get into your phone. Collect all the real animals in your collection!

Outside games pocket catching Pony uses augmented reality technology and requires you to move around to find fantastic beasts. Be careful near the roadway, remember about safety! Find animal games !

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