Little Panda's Kitty World

Little Panda's Kitty World

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BabyBus . 28/10/2021
Do you like kitties? Do you want to own a cute kitty as a pet? Come to dream castle and breed kitties with the magic machine! Help them with healthy and happy growth!

Just put two kitties on the magic breeding machine, press the start button, and various kitties can be created. 19 kitties of different varieties, from regular kitty to the kitty with wings, are all kids' favorites!

Do you know how to take care of a newborn kitty? Come and learn with us! Feed them with delicious food, put them to sleep, help them change into pretty clothes, make them a cozy home...Wow, it's so much fun to take care of pets!

Slide, whack-a-mole, ocean balls...16 fun interactions are ready. Come and play with your kitties! Play hide and seek with the kitties. Which carton are they hiding in? The kitty wants to play swing. Please help them out. Leave a happy memory here in the kitty world!

Come and breed your own kitties with magic, and help them grow up!

- Breed your own virtual pets.
- 19 adorable kitties of different varieties.
- Dress up, care for, and have fun with your kitties to create happy stories.
- Fishing, whack-a-mole, playing with bubbles...16 fun interactions are available for you to play with your kitties.

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