Idle Monster Factory Tycoon

Idle Monster Factory Tycoon

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Fair Idle Games by René Müller . 1.02 01/11/2021
Welcome to your new monster factory. In this business, you will raise various monsters and sell them for big money. Some are peaceful, others are extremely dangerous. As you get richer, you have to decide what to spend your money on. Improve the habitats for faster growth, but don't forget to optimize shipping. Over time, you will gain information about your dangerous inhabitants and gain a lot of experience. You can use this in a skill tree to customize your play style. Additionally, there are strong boosters in different rarity levels, which contribute to your success if used smartly.

This game was designed with Fair Play in mind. What does that mean for this game?

Fair Play Key Points:

- The game was consciously designed without in-app purchases
- No paywalls, no locked content, no interrupting game flow
- No forced advertising, you'll never see a popup ad
- Contains only clearly identifiable and optional rewarded ads
- Completely playable offline


- Gain experience, level up and learn new abilities in a skill tree
- Manage & decide what should be upgraded to get maximum efficiency
- Discover various monsters and their habitats, including a monsterpedia
- Use boosters tactically and gain enormous advantages
- The factory never stands still, earn idle money even while you are away
- Fantasy setting with lovely graphics and 3 atmospheric pieces of music
- Fair Play design (see description above)

Tips for playing:

Do you play more actively, as in idle clicker or tap games? Focus on abilities that increase your click strength on eggs and improve click boosters in terms of effect and duration. Also, increase the probability of a sales deal and the bonus for it.

Do you play rather passively and like idle money income? Enhance passive abilities that speed up growth and shipping. Improve the time booster and use him frequently. Also, increase skills for the effectiveness and duration of your offline cash income for maximum profit.

If you like idle games with many upgrades where you earn a large amount of cash, you'll probably like this business simulation a lot. Try it and become the richest factory tycoon ever.

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