Handy Art Reference Tool

Handy Art Reference Tool

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Belief Engine . 04/02/2021
If you're an artist and ever wanted just quick and easy drawing reference for hands, heads, or even feet (IAP) without having to awkwardly pose your limbs in front of a mirror, this app is for you!

HANDY is an artist's reference tool, consisting of several rotatable 3D limbs with a variety of poses useful for drawing. You can also customize and edit your own poses for hands, feet, and skulls.

Fully adjustable 3-point lighting means you can get easy lighting reference when using any of the 10+ included 3D head busts. Handy if you’re painting and need to know what shadows the head casts from a certain angle!

Also available is the Animal Skulls pack. With over 10 different animal species, it's great for anatomical reference or creature design inspiration.

[Foot rigs and Animal Skull pack require additional purchase]

NEW in Handy v5: Edit the materials of models! Selectively turn off their textures, adjust their specularity, or tint them a certain color.

Perfect for comic book artists, painters, or just casual sketchers!

Featured in ImagineFX's Top 10 Must-Have Apps!

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What's new

- Fixed a bug with sharing screenshots bringing up the menu multiple times
- Fixed an bug with screenshots not saving to device Gallery on Android 10+
- Reworked the selection outline effect for better performance



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