GM V6 Truck 98-02 + All OBD-2

GM V6 Truck 98-02 + All OBD-2

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Real Time Plots, Gauges, Statistics, Elapsed Times, Sound, Alarms, Fuel Economy, Accelerations. 143 real time engine transmission and brake extra manufacturer specific items. Includes cam timng. real time misfire counts, knock retard, injector pulse width, wheel speeds. Device control includes CASE crank learn, idle speed, cylinder cut drops.
For all obd-2 vehicles real time bar, scope and line plots. Digital and analog auto or manual 10x power scale gauges with sound and alarms,
Rolling averages, min. max. histogram probability statistics.
Elapsed times all items 2 channel with any start, stop value, min. max and avg. records.
Individual real time data acquisition rate settings, up to 50Hz. 159 unit conversions.
Fuel rate, economy and distance data. Inspection and emission monitor test results.
Remote real time data internet web view.
Uses ELM-327 Blue Tooth or WiFi OBDII,

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