FNF Mod - FNF Music Battle

FNF Mod - FNF Music Battle

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Friday Funny Mod FNF . 4 04/11/2021
FNF Mod - FNF Music Battle Game - brings together almost all of the popular Friday Night Funkin characters. We've collected more than 20 characters for you to enjoy.

FNF Music Battle Game is a simple but very entertaining game that includes several game modes:
FNF Test Mod - By selecting any character, you can test all their moves, music and looks.
FNF Free Play - a mode where you can play against any character. You only need to choose the music and your opponent.
FNF Online Mod - compete with friends in FNF Music Battle. It's even more fun to play now.

In the FNF Mod - FNF Music Battle Game we have collected the following characters for you:
- Sarvente Mod FNF Test - A humble nun who is supposed to accept all people, but something went wrong. Boyfriend and Girlfriend made sure of it. Sarvente Character Test takes first place.
- Flippy Mod Test is a famous character from a popular cartoon. You should try the Flippy Mad Mod Test Battle mode.
- A Guy on the Internet, or AGOTI Mod FNF Test - A desert demon who wanted to take BF captive.
- Impostors - aliens who can change their appearance. All the time trying to deceive each other. You should try the Impostor Red, Black, Green Mod FNF characters.
- High Effort Ugh is a mod created by week 7. Test Ugh (Tankman) in our music battle.
- Whitty or Whitmore is a former rock star who is trying to hide from the public. Whitty Test Battle has great popularity among players.
- Skid and Pump Test Mod are very fun guys that all music battle fans love.
- Selever is an unusual character, combining something human and devilish.
- Tabi Mod FNF Battle - Formerly a famous music producer who was dating a Girlfriend, but at one point things went wrong...

Even more characters await you in the game itself. There are more than 20 of them: Annie, Tord (TordBot), Trollface/Trollge, Ron, Pico, Garcello, Tricky and the rest.

More characters and modes will appear in the next FNF Mod - FNF Music Battle Game Offlie update. Play, leave feedback. Let's make the game better.

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Difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard. Added to the game!
Now hitting the arrow is even easier!
Bud fix.
Thanks for your feedback. You make this game better!



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