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Fizzo, my utopia of reading good novels!
Fizzo, a books reading app where you can find smooth and immersive novel and story reading experience with a variety of good novels such as romance, billionaire, werewolf, vampire, adventure, system and more interesting novels and novel types.

When you are in Fizzo, you can definitely enjoy a better reading novel and story experience with the following great reading app features:
⚡️Read a variety of good novels, web novels, E-books at anytime, anywhere;
⚡️Download all your favorite stories or novels and books and read all the novels and stories offline;
⚡️Add your favorite novels in your own novel library and manage your novels as you like;
⚡️Keep up with all the novels' update in time;
⚡️Customize your novel reading page to enjoy the reading way you prefer;
⚡️Also, listen to the novel by using the audio feature when you're busy with other stuff.

Fizzo is also a writer-friendly reading app:
⚡️Become a writer, and you can write your own stories or novels and get paid;
⚡️Join the authors' club, so you can communicate with other writers;
⚡️Share all your feelings and ideas when you interact with your readers in the comment area;
⚡️Tell us all the issues you have with us to improve together.

🌞Now, let's read your first favorite novel, story or book in Fizzo and begin your novels and books reading journey with all other people who like reading novels, writing novels and sharing novels!

🎉Here are some hot novels and stories from different book genres other readers are reading now in Fizzo, let's read all of the stories together!

👶Daddy Is So Good With Sextuplets
The very night she broke up with her disloyal boyfriend, she went out for an indulgent one-nighter at the bar and got pregnant... Years later, when she came back, she was with 6 children... Who was their father...?

Alpha Darius hates women. Period. His pack, the most fierce and skilled pack in all the werewolf realm, is open only to males. No woman is allowed in whether it be a mother...

🤴Mr Castle's Wife in High Society
Freya Meyers was an unmarried mother and gave birth to a pair of twins overseas clandestinely. She had gotten the sperm from a sperm bank, so she did not know who the donor was. Who masterminded everything?

👸How We Met Our Super Rich Dad
After an accidental one night stand with a mysterious man, Charlotte Johnson had eight children. Four years later, Charlotte lived a blissful life with her eight genius children. Although her life was tough, in her eye’s, everything was worth it.

👼Mommy, Honey
How could she have a child without pregnancy or even a boyfriend? She was utterly dumbfounded. The sudden emergence of these children made her wonder where did they come from...

As a book reading App, you'll find romance, mystery, action, adventure, fantasy, billionaire and more genres on Fizzo. Not only interesting novel and story genres, but also tons of amazing novels and books for you to read. Here, on Fizzo, you can read, download the novels, stories or books you like, add them to your novel library and even listen to the audio version of your favorite novels and books. Fizzo makes it possible for you to customize your novel library and the features on your novel reading app page to have a better novel reading experience in this reading app. Besides, you also can comment below novels you like and communicate with others about your feelings about your favorites novels!

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What's new

-Fictum App changes its name to Fizzo in version 2.1.0. Not just to rebrand, but to refresh your reading experience!
-Audiobooks are available now. Check it out.


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