ECHO Smart Control

ECHO Smart Control

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CURT Group . 1.9.2 28/10/2021
The CURT Echo™ (#51180) is a Bluetooth-enabled, mobile brake control that allows you to control and monitor the activity of your trailer brakes using your smartphone and this downloadable app. The device simply plugs in between the vehicle-trailer 7-way wiring connection and uses Bluetooth to sync with your phone.

Download the Smart Control app to set up your smartphone as the trailer brake control interface for the CURT Echo™. With it you can adjust maximum braking power and sensitivity while towing. It also shows diagnostic information like overload conditions and trailer-disconnect errors. For added control and safety while towing, the Smart Control app provides a button to manually override braking and activate the trailer brakes whenever necessary.

With the compact design and plug-and-play installation of the CURT Echo™, it is a highly portable brake control. It is designed to be easily transferred from one vehicle-trailer combination to another. As such, the app allows you to store up to five user profiles, each with its own personalized settings.

The Smart Control app does not need to be open for the CURT Echo™ mobile brake control to function normally. The app can be closed, and the Echo™ will use the previously selected profile settings to determine maximum braking and brake aggressiveness.

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-minor bug fixes
-major library and package updates
-australia support


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