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RamIT . 1.7.1 14/10/2019
This application will be useful for those offices that already work using our "Taximeter for All" application, as well as for those who are looking for a simple taxi management solution.

    Now there is no need to collect all the reports manually and reconfigure all the devices when you need to change tariffs - it's all done online.
    Getting started is easy, no registration is required (it happens automatically), we do not have unnecessary confusing settings: set up payment settings, tariffs and services, create drivers and assign them access to tariffs.
    The drivers also do not need any registration, the connection is through the registration code - generate it in the application in the driver details, pass it to the driver, he will enter it in the "Taximeter" application and everything is ready.
    In the process of work you will always see where the drivers are on the map (those who works), and also will be able to receive reports on orders and incomes completed.

    The functionality will be expanded according to your needs, write your wishes.

    The server part is made using Google Cloud services that guarantees the stability of work and data security.

    The cost of using the system is very low and depends on the size of your crew.
As a trial you can use the system for free with a limit of 3 connected drivers.

What's new

Drivers can now print checks so go to your company’s settings and enter the company information that will be printed at the bottom of the check

update: improved check print


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