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This software is able to read DTC and monitor your Chrysler Town and Country from 2001 to 2007, and eventually many others cars of Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep company.
It permits to you to make an autodiagnostic simply to fix your car.

No need to go to car shop, and pay 100 Bucks to have DTC or states of actuators with a DRB3.
The result is similar of a DRB3 (without programmation ATM).
You just need a real good OBD2 dongle VPW compatible (not a chinese clone!!) to read datas, and this software of course.

This software can:
Monitored this modules:
-PCM Engine
-Transaxle module
-ABS module
-BCM Module
-Airbag Module**
-Doors Modules
-Liftgate Module
-FCM Module

A great Live Monitoring is also include!

Report DTC of:
-PLM (Power Liftgate Module)
-PSD (Passenger Sliding Doors)
-DSD (Driver Sliding Doors)

You will be able to RESET DTC of:
-VIC (Vehicule Info Center)

You can also verify actuators:
-action MIC gauges (RPM/Speed/Temp/petrol)
-turn indicator or inside lamps
-back lamp
-Close or open doors
-open/close fold mirrors
and many others

** OBDLink Dongle is required to work correctly with Airbag
** BAFX OBD2 Dongle seems works with Airbag

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