Car Math Pro Car Calculator

Car Math Pro Car Calculator

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Car Math Pro has all the car calculations and simulations you need to build and modify cars. It's car math made simple.
Hundreds of car performance calculations and graphs
If you're looking for car performance calculations and simulations, for racing cars or street cars, look no further.

Vehicle, engine, transmission, differential, chassis, suspension geometry, brakes, tires, performance
Conditions including density altitude
Fuel including blends, additives, nitrous oxide
2-stroke or 4-stroke
Supercharger and turbocharger support
Comprehensive unit conversions
Car racing strategy

Engines: Camshaft, compression ratio, displacement, efficiency, exhaust, flow, intake, piston dynamics, redline, power, torque, many more
Turbochargers: Boost curve, compressor map, sizing, intercoolers, temperatures, pressure, flow
Chassis: Aerodynamics, battery, center of gravity, clutch, coolant, gear ratios, shift points, weights
Suspension: Anti-pitch, anti-roll bar, roll centers, springs, steering, struts, torsion bar, A-arms, 4-link geometry
Performance Acceleration, braking, cornering, steady-state, top speed, weight transfer, more
Brakes: Brake pedal, braking performance, hydraulics and pressures
Tires: Tire selection, tire sizing, tire stagger, tire temperatures
Costs: Fuel consumption, fuel costs, driving costs, loan analysis
Reference: Bolts, fractions, gauges, hose, statistics, trigonometry, material weights
Car performance optimizations: Acceleration, braking, cornering, stability, efficiency, power, reliability, launch, top speed, many more

Car Math Pro is easy and fun to use
Advanced, reliable, proven algorithms
Metric and English inputs and outputs
Car performance calculations, car performance simulations, car performance graphs

What's new

Electric vehicle calculations: 11 EV calculation pages and 18 EV graphs
Improvements to the engine power curve input
Favorite shortcut buttons on all category pages
Range optimization
Resale value optimization
System updates
Bug fixes


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