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Unlock the world of Off-Roading with BFGoodrich® OnTrail™, an Off-Roading app that is built to be easy to use and combines public trail information with information from the BFGoodrich® OnTrail community, professional off-road partners and professional off-road cartographers. Explore your limits as a driver, discover new trails, and find a community of people dedicated to doing the same. Share data, points-of-interest, photos, and more through BFGoodrich® OnTrail™. In-app missions and challenges let you earn points that add up to real rewards; and everything is backed by the Off-Road experts at BFGoodrich® Tires.

Free App features without registration (available for 7 days):
- USA Federal and State Trail map data view (USFS, BLM)

Free App features with registration:
- USA Federal and State Trail map data view (USFS, BLM)
- Record up to 10 journeys in total (including deleted journeys)
- Add Photos & Photo Tags
- Earn Experience points for completing missions
- Publish your trails to the community

Premium App features (Only available with subscription/membership):
- Up to $100 Tire Rebate
- 4 ways to find off-road trails across the USA: 1.Trails nearby, 2. Search by name, 3. Filter by type, 4. Search the map and tap on trails for trail information
- Download trails for offline use without cell phone service
- Record your journeys and trails for yourself or share them with the community
- Add your own points of interests, including photos and video
- View real time weather and forecasts
- Built-in inclinometer with real-time pitch and roll
- Topographic maps, Satellite maps, and Satellite and Roads maps
- Access over $400 of exclusive Carto Tracks Trail Maps, recorded by cartographers using high-precision professional GPS equipment

What's new

1. New UI design for the earn screen.
2. How did you hear about OnTrail question ? Now it is part of the user account registration flow.
3. Performance improvements.


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