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BabyNaps is the app for tired parents longing for better sleep. Every day you get suggestions for nap times for your baby in a sleep schedule. When you find your routine, your baby will sleep just the right amount during the day - and well at night. You also keep track of how much your baby sleeps and gain knowledge to improve sleep with the app. The result? Brilliant days with more energy and freedom - and more time for you once your baby falls asleep at the right time each night.

- Sleep schedule: Recommended nap times that suit your baby.
- Baby sleep tracker: Keep track of how much your baby sleeps each day.
- Follow your baby: Nap times change as your baby grows.
- Knowledge and practical tools: Learn more about your baby's sleep month by month.

Does that sound too good to be true? No! 8 out of 10 parents confirm that they sleep better at night with BabyNaps. BabyNaps is suitable for you with children 0-24 months old, and the sleep schedule starts at 3 months old. The app can be used for one child at a time.

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Hey, Sleepyhead! BabyNaps gives you a sleep schedule for your baby with perfectly timed naps throughout the day.



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