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Anime Wallpaper is the best application for fans anime wallpapers of japan vivified series,manga and motion pictures you can find stunning Wallpaper of your preferred anime or manga, Anime Wallpaper it has a great deal of Wallpaper and foundation of all anime Wallpaper.
Ready to take a step up in customizing your device? Set spectacular backgrounds to your screen!

Get high-quality anime backgrounds for your screen and make your device happy!

I've Been using this app for looking up photos for wallpapers. First the quality is amazing. They all look skillfully made. Another thing is that the app bugs have been fixed. I encounter little to no problems at all. Finally the selection of the anime wall paper is vast. There are so much anime shows that been added like Black Butler,and Eureka 7 just to name a few, Some anime's I haven't even watch but are planning too watch thank to this app. To conclude this app is helpful to all anime fans of all ages. P.S Keep this app running and updated. The people who developed this did a great job on its update, development, & the overall app that has been working

- "Anime X Wallpaper" is designed specifically for Anime Lovers. It contains over 1 million wallpaper Collection from 1000+ Anime to browse wallpapers.

- The unique kind of anime wallpaper to personalize your phone.

- Have more anime person as anime boy, girl, cute baby wallpaper with fan art, background anime beautiful, with anime wall hd.

- Update daily anime images when have anime new.

* Wallpapers - a huge amount of amazing anime wallpapers

* Trends - to see most popular wallpapers, everyday rating updates;

* Premium - the best anime wallpapers

* Favorites - your favorite wallpapers are always there
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>Tokyo Ghoul

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>Hatsune Miku

>Eromanga Sensei

>FullMetal Alchemist Wallpapers


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