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Action Anatomy Pro

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Action Anatomy is a 3D anatomy figure that can be posed for character creative activities and people drawing pictures.

If you are working in a variety of graphics such as embonding, illustrations, chroki, webtoons, character design, concept design, animation, pose production, you feel the necessity of the basic anatomy for artists.

Action anatomy can be learned step-by-step in a complex anatomical human body from a simple dummy model, and how the body's bones and muscles are configured, and how each muscles moving, and how they are in various angles, can.

In addition, you use a variety of style concept figures, customize your own characters, pose, and help you understand how shadows are drawn to the human body by various directing and light according to camera english.

It is also suitable for display applications for displaying for each field depending on the application.
It is the best application that can be used as a visual human diligence material in various fields such as Art Sector / Medical Sector / Sports Anatomy.

Details to the user with detailed skeletal and muscle expressions to increase the immersion.
Make an anatomical figure that is not a simple statue, not your own pose and motion.

Key Features:

Figure Mode
- Mode that can be created, customized, and customizing the human / figures

Anatomy mode
- Mode that can refer to male / female anatomical content divided into bones and each muscles

Display mode
- Mode that can display your own human / figures with various poses and movements

Portrait mode
- Specialized in vertical mode to allow the entire human body to see more

- Easy to carry, one-handed control easier interface design

Visual Quality
- Visual high and detailed models and expressed representations and textures

Touch Control
- Screen Rotation / Zoom In / Zoom Out / Easy Control, etc.

Content Configuration:

Dummy Content
- 10 species of various body shape and style for creative activities

Figures Content
- Provide 24 kinds of male / female assistance for stage learning

Anatomy content
- Multi-adult anatomy stage muscle composition Each 8 species and head / torso / arm / legs per foot

Weapon Content
- 100 kinds of modern / medieval / oriental style offer various weapons pile

Props Content
- Supplies of 100 species for environmental directing

Shader Content
- Provides various styles of shader for humanity representation and coloring

Environmental Direction
- Organization of your own varying atmosphere with background collar and preference

Pose production
- Animation-based pose can be produced

Camera filter
- Sketch / Mosaic / Painting for Sketch / Painting Reference

Rendering options
- Provides quality rendering effects that could not be seen in pose applications

Lighting Control
- Adjust the intensity / direction / color of the light source to make various atmosphere production and shadow processing

Camera Control
- Provides camera control for convenience when using emulator for PC

Pose / Save and Important
- Customizing your own character pose and the whole storage / import function using customization

Other features
- Screen capture function
- Bookmark function
- Grid function
- Undo / Redo function
- Character mirror function
- UI ON / OFF function
- Screen lock function

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